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Human Errors

1. (Over-)Engineering

2. Oversight

3. Knowledge/bias

4. (Over-)Exertion/Burnout

5. Automation

6. Organizational process

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1. Often, feelings like happiness, fear, sadness and anger are a result of anticipation than an immediate experience eg. Being happy when travelling back home after a long trip or being sad while leaving for travel … Being sad when we find someone, whom we are close with, under tough conditions (say, hospital)

2. Some feelings are immediate like laugh (genuine), shock etc

3. Have we lost the capability react?

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Why are we making simple things sound complex?

Modeling is part of our daily life wherein we choose pictures to explain when difficult with words …. And we stop with the right level of detail … Common rule, specified & widely accepted, is UML

Iterative approach just boils down to identifying & addressing potential showstoppers early on

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Trip to Sabarimala

Trip to Sabarimala is an experience in itself … We find devotees with blind faith, casual ones, skeptical minds … There are those who speak of glory of yesteryears … There are those who speak of dirt & bad practises … There are those who blame Govt. …

For me, it is a journey to reach God …. Both in his worldly form & spiritual form

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Demons in bedtime stories

As a child, I used to hear & read about stories of Gods & Demons … With all the powers that demons had, all most as much as Gods, they end up failing miserably at the end …. I used to wonder why they never learn … Generations after generations

In my life all these years, I have learned that these are not just groups of people but rather essential characteristic of individual … When we take stubborn stance, arrogant demenaour, driven by ego, refuse to learn …. We are displaying demonic nature … Having precluded learning of fundamental, we keep repeating the very same mistake again & again, generations after generations … Gods & Demons are within us … And fight is within us

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UML, Modeling and software development

Wonder why we keep hyping the basic, things in software development …..

When some one asks us the route, we explain in plain English (or any other language) and sometime, when it is difficult to explain thus, we describe by means of pictures ….. Capturing essentails for the purpose of visualising and communicating is the essence of modeling …. when it is in visual in terms of diagrams, it is visual modeling and … we entire community agrees on a standard, it becomes a common language ….. That’s all UML is …. Why so much hype about it? Why is it considered complex?

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Technology for whom?

Technology evangelising, training and consulting is part of my work profile for long …. particularly on software engineering …. That amounts to addressing the creators of the technology considering that more and more of software development work is now outsourced to India

Yet, I find that innovations, best practices and technologies are more preached than practised …. Modeling has been around for long … yet, it is often just a means of documentation for many …. Test automation has been around for long …. but the percentage of test automation tools in the shelf (no matter, which vendor) are alarming …. Quoted figure is around 50% but actual in my experience is much more than that … especially, if you consider the effective utilization …. As far as standards (ISO, CMM, CMMI, …) & methodologies (Agile, Use case analysis, …) oncerned, it often boils down to ritualistic adherance than deriving business value ….. Are we not confusing the end and the means …. What value all these (technology, methodology, standards, etc) has, unless it makes daily life simpler, business better & easier?

While vast majority of the world is grappling with basics of modeling, now we have started talking about model driven architecture ….. In many software development houses, model (if available) is used as documentation and not as a means of visualization or design aid ….. In many of the softwares, architectures happen … not made ….

I am not against the forward thrust ….. But, it is time for consolidation …. It is high time to increase the spread …. without focus on real business value …. It is time to adopt new methodologies, standards, technologies and tools which adequate level of sceptism and caution

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My First Trip To Sabarimala Through The Traditional Route

Conditioned by scientific analysis I am used to, often, I tend to seek out for God. Seeing in a physical form as it happens in movies and TV serials is not possible for lesser mortals like me, there are times when I felt his distinct presence around me. The feeling makes me feel secure and, yet, aware of my limits. My first trip to Sabarimala through the traditional route through the forest via Erumeli, Azhutha and Karimala was one such experience. I could almost feel Him around and could communicate with Him yet he was beyond my senses to be seen, touched, felt or heard.

Since 1991, I was blessed to go to Sabarimala almost every year. Every time, I used to go with my friends or my relatives. I was staying at that time in Delhi and had no clue that, generally, January is the time most of the devotees go via the traditional route. I had promised that I would go to Sabarimala that December and had come down from Delhi for that purpose. As luck would have it, I could not find anyone whom I could accompany. Some of my well-wishers cautioned me that going alone is not safe and, possibly, you could make it next time by preparing well-in-advance. Nonetheless, I had decided to submit myself fully to Ayyappa and go ahead.

I reached Erumeli early morning by about 3 o’ clock, had my bath in the river and decided to wait. By about 5 o’ clock, I could see groups of devotees rearing to go ….. All of them do not go via the traditional route… I was wondering what to do … I closed my eyes and prayed to Swamy to guide me…. As I opened my eyes, I could see one lone swamy almost getting ready to go ….. I approached him and explained that I am new on the traditional route. His response was encouraging that he was also alone and on the same route and that I could accompany him.

Climbing Azhutha was extremely painful that I could hardly walk …. He was going ahead as if walking on the plains … He told me to think of Swamy and not the pain on my legs …. It was tough but I could somehow climb Azhutha …. Next, Karimala was equally tough, if not worse …. I was afraid as I could almost feel the wild animals around

and it was only two of us for most of the time…… I had heard about stories about the forest and I was scared as well… especially of leeches which are in plenty there especially if it rains ….. By evening about 5.30 in the evening, I was on the banks of Pamba river. During the whole, I had consumed all liquids that I could get hands on while the swamy with me was going without any of it, but for the morning breakfast……..

Having reached Pamba by this time, I was happy and felt that I can be on my own … Pamba is where the devotees coming by bus and car join and having gone to Sabarimala many times earlier, the route further up was familiar to me….. By now, swelling developed in my legs and I was aware of the pain in my legs and felt exhausted totally ….. On my way up, I told swamy that he could go ahead, I shall come slowly at my pace and I will meet him up there ….. That day I could not have Darsan …. What is worse …. I reached the gate at 11 o’clock in the night and I could see the temple closing before my eyes without me having Darsan that day!

Needless to say, that I have not met that swamy ever since … Despite all my scientific inclinations, I would like to believe that the swamy was none other than the God himself …. Who was with me all along as my friend and my guide …. But when my own materialistic self took over, he eased himself out …. He was with me all along but he made his point that things do not happen at my discretion; it happens the way that he wishes

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I am a philosopher by nature, voracious reader by interest and habit, and software engineering consultant by profession. All my observations, experiences and learnings has been in some of my paper notebooks or in laptop computers or (at worst) in some corners of my mind.

Some of my colleagues and friends told me that it would be helpful to them, and possibly many others, if I could come out in some form. Hence, my decision to start this.

I invite all like-minded people for active interaction …..

Thanks & Regards,


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