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Technology for whom?

Technology evangelising, training and consulting is part of my work profile for long …. particularly on software engineering …. That amounts to addressing the creators of the technology considering that more and more of software development work is now outsourced to India

Yet, I find that innovations, best practices and technologies are more preached than practised …. Modeling has been around for long … yet, it is often just a means of documentation for many …. Test automation has been around for long …. but the percentage of test automation tools in the shelf (no matter, which vendor) are alarming …. Quoted figure is around 50% but actual in my experience is much more than that … especially, if you consider the effective utilization …. As far as standards (ISO, CMM, CMMI, …) & methodologies (Agile, Use case analysis, …) oncerned, it often boils down to ritualistic adherance than deriving business value ….. Are we not confusing the end and the means …. What value all these (technology, methodology, standards, etc) has, unless it makes daily life simpler, business better & easier?

While vast majority of the world is grappling with basics of modeling, now we have started talking about model driven architecture ….. In many software development houses, model (if available) is used as documentation and not as a means of visualization or design aid ….. In many of the softwares, architectures happen … not made ….

I am not against the forward thrust ….. But, it is time for consolidation …. It is high time to increase the spread …. without focus on real business value …. It is time to adopt new methodologies, standards, technologies and tools which adequate level of sceptism and caution


November 16, 2004 - Posted by | software engineering, Uncategorized

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