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Human Errors

1. (Over-)Engineering

2. Oversight

3. Knowledge/bias

4. (Over-)Exertion/Burnout

5. Automation

6. Organizational process


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1. Often, feelings like happiness, fear, sadness and anger are a result of anticipation than an immediate experience eg. Being happy when travelling back home after a long trip or being sad while leaving for travel … Being sad when we find someone, whom we are close with, under tough conditions (say, hospital)

2. Some feelings are immediate like laugh (genuine), shock etc

3. Have we lost the capability react?

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Why are we making simple things sound complex?

Modeling is part of our daily life wherein we choose pictures to explain when difficult with words …. And we stop with the right level of detail … Common rule, specified & widely accepted, is UML

Iterative approach just boils down to identifying & addressing potential showstoppers early on

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Trip to Sabarimala

Trip to Sabarimala is an experience in itself … We find devotees with blind faith, casual ones, skeptical minds … There are those who speak of glory of yesteryears … There are those who speak of dirt & bad practises … There are those who blame Govt. …

For me, it is a journey to reach God …. Both in his worldly form & spiritual form

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Demons in bedtime stories

As a child, I used to hear & read about stories of Gods & Demons … With all the powers that demons had, all most as much as Gods, they end up failing miserably at the end …. I used to wonder why they never learn … Generations after generations

In my life all these years, I have learned that these are not just groups of people but rather essential characteristic of individual … When we take stubborn stance, arrogant demenaour, driven by ego, refuse to learn …. We are displaying demonic nature … Having precluded learning of fundamental, we keep repeating the very same mistake again & again, generations after generations … Gods & Demons are within us … And fight is within us

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