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Learning in nostalgic moments

Thanks to the wired world, I could establish contact with one of my old colleague & friend …. who maintains a blog in the same place ….. …. with the same template …. coincidence or may be, something more than that …..

We were chatting on MSN Messenger, we discussed many things … many of which actually opened my mind …. it is too early to even scribble out here as the thoughts on those lines are still evolving ….

I remember him as a person with strong convictions …. I am glad he is pursuing his goals with his convictions yet moderating himself to be accomodated in the world at large …. I foresee his vision of blending of knowledge & software engineering imminent.

I wish him all the success


December 13, 2004 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Hi Sir, You make me blush, I accept all your wishes with humbleness. I am really fortunate to have a mentor like you. God Bless You! thanks. Mathew Koshy

    Comment by Mathew Koshy | December 13, 2004

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