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I have just finished a short assignment with one of the best software development house in Kerala, if not the best. That they are is my personal

rating. Of course, I believe, that matches with the popular perception as well …. It is visible in their interactions, process adherence, team synergy, technical competence, product quality, quality of documentation etc …. That is to say, that commitment is total; rather than in pockets …. and it is real; rather than hype … In fact, I find them staying away from hype.

Even with this maturity, I find them on the verge of a time bomb …. ie. Information Explosion … defeating its very purpose!. The nagging question is, how much to engineer? How much to doument? To ensure quality, repeatability & productivity? Beyond a point, too much of process, engineering & documentation becomes counter productive ….

While it is tempting to venture into advices, to draw an ad hoc line between agility & engineering …. What is alarming is that, this phenomenon is pervasive … It is repeating itself, from an organization to another, from a project to another, from team to another

I would call for a judicious, well thought over balancing act, rather than dogmatic alignment to one camp

This brings me to a question as to what do I do in my engagement? What is my consulting work is like?

When I started my career in software development, a very few people in this part of the world knew what it is and I spent a lot of my time explaining to what it is all about …. and helping many to get into it

Now I am into software engineering consulting …. yet something not very well known to many!

Academic & scientific knowledge has its place in day to day business as against an open ended, in depth research in pure science

Technology as an application of science & enabler has its place

Engineering as a scientific & systematic approach, with well-defined review points, probes, measures and control mechanisms has its place

All these should help in the individuals involved and in day to day running of the business, making it success and … in turn, the society we live in and the mankind at large

Filling this gap wherever I preceive … taking knowledge from business to academia & back ….. That is the role I play

Not very common … rather unchartered water …. quite challenging, interesting

End of the day, I am exhausted but thrilled of having gone one step ahead!

January 7, 2005 - Posted by | software engineering, Uncategorized

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  1. 1. The fundamental problem in software engineering is the preservation of semantics at different levels of abstractions. most of the times semantics remain within the human skull. EXAMPLE: this is something which i feel is the major cause of bugs especially during the time of reverse engineering. many modules call each other in a very complex way. now a particular bug may occur because of the semantics got wrong in one just interaction. but when a engineer resolves it, he fails to verify if his correction destroys the semantics in other interactions.

    2. the very problem of information explosion is again the lack of expertise in knowledge mangement. we created metadata for managing data. but meta data is not a solution for semantics. here is were AI could play a major role. especially in the representationa and reasoning of semantics.

    it would take a few more years till humanity upgrades itself from the art of software to the engineering of software. software engineering is really at its infancy 🙂

    Comment by Mathew Koshy | January 9, 2005

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