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Software factory at work!?

One of my customers, with whom I am working very closely for last couple of months is actively into many a things which are part of software factory …. seems to be great and quite interesting …. makes a lot of difference and it works!

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Give me the methodology!

Quite often, I find people asking me the methodology that I advocate and what they should adopt; whether it be for requirement management, architecting, analysis & design, testing etc.

In my experience with various customers and various kinds of project suggest that there is no single answer that can apply to all such cases and yet be specific to the detail.

Many of ‘so called’ methodologies are steps evolved based on local successes, being generalized or it becomes too exhaustive like an encyclopedia. What always works is something is evolved based on these global experience to sent the specific need.

I keep getting this kind of questions and I keep asking …… what is the problem?

What? What? What? Why? Why? Why?

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Back again….

Hectic pace of work kept me away from blogging for couple of months by now.

Hopefully, I am getting into relatively easy pace as the initiatives, which I was working on, has picked up the critical momentum and would require only a moderation from side.

Typically, I engage with the customers who are developing software to solve some of their problems related to software development. It often requires a combination of mentoring on tools and finetuning the software development process.

Most of my customers are not global software giant but are big in their own way. They play an important role to ensure the world runs on software smooth. They develop software for business spanning airlines, plantations, healthcare, banking etc

On top of this comes the IBM Rational assignments which are essentially training on the IBM Rational tools and methodologies. All of them happens to be of advanced nature rather than structured training offered by IBM Rational.

That makes the job challenging and enjoyable

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