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Happy New Year!

Yet another year passed by
Dawn of yet another beginning
Time for reflections …
Time for new hopes …

I observe with apprehensions on 2005
1. Rita & Katrina shattering life in the cities of most powerful country in the world; and natural disaster turning into catastrophe through human mistakes
2. Earthquake shaking various parts of earth …. is it not yet time for India & Pakistan to work together for mutual and global benefits …. probably, earth quake in Kashmir has a divine message to human kind
3. Water flooding most of Indian states; as India collectively is striving for excellence, have we forgotten to take development to grassroots, making developments more a scalable

It is not technology, or modern development but rather its adoption is what makes the difference …. for good or bad!

Hope we learn….

I look forward with hope on certain developments that potentially could,together, change the contours of software development space.

1. Model Driven Architecture
2. Software Factory
3. Ajax
4. Ruby on Rails
5. Eclipse & other open source initiatives in software engineering
6. Aligning technology with business
7. Asset Based Development
8. Service Oriented Architecture

To quote Einstein, “Opening up yet another fragment of the frontier of beauty”

And, on personal front, it is time for a change
I am publishing it wide to ensure that I do keep myself in check

1. Over years, I focussed on “intellectual” excercises ignoring my health to a great extent.
This year I plan to care a little about my health; particularly in terms of routine physical excercises
2. My kids are growing up and it is time, I spent some time for their mentoring as well, as best as I can; not only from spiritual and mental perspective but also from educational front
3. These call for some discipline; I plan to reserve holidays for myself … a big departure from my life so far wherein I used to work through many nights and holidays.

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