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Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Yet another year has gone by!
A unit of time carved out of eternity for us to live in!

Now has come a moment for reflection!
Now has come a moment to pause a while, look around and move ahead!

Last year was a mixed bag;
A mixture of good and bad, day and night, but too bad.

My mother started walking on her own again!
Probably, a medical miracle!?

A mix of providence and some hard work;
A display of hard work and sheer will power, in a way that only she can.
Unrelenting support, from my father, as best as it could be by a human.

A home nurse who has gone much beyond her official obligations;
A fact that I can hardly ignore
A fact that made me realize, yet again, importance of value beyond definitions
A fact that made me realize, yet again, how “small” things are infinitely important.
A fact that made me realize, yet again, how important it is to make life simpler and better for others to live in….
Probably, that is the very purpose of an individual life itself;
Taking human race to its glory through collective contribution of individual souls.

And, first time ever in her life, as I understand, she (rather, we) celebrated her birthday (Saptadi; 70th birthday) albeit in a simple manner

I am also glad to see my sister tasting success in a her life.
She has single handedly fought what looked, at a point in time, a loosing battle.
Now, she won a battle; of course, life has to go on
Having come this far, I am sure, she would see greater heights.

Of course, not all were pleasant.
Perhaps, it is idealistic to expect

As if a kid, I expected my father to be around my mother eternally.
Hardly ever it dawned on me that he himself is in old age.
Nevertheless, the time gently reminded me that fact when he had to be hospitalized for about a week’s time
Providence, our well wishers, medical team was kind enough to act on time and give him back to us

My experience at hospital also made realize how life could be simpler if we seek to make it so …. It made me wonder why at all we make software development unduly complex … Team work, specializations, creative content, technology etc are not unique to software development …. Balancing these factors to a business goal is also not unique to software development … Many others (say, a music director and his team, a surgeon and his team, … ) would have similar story to tell; but they end up being predictable without making things unduly complex…. It looks like, it is a questions of priorities

Hope we learn
Hope we get the fundamentals right
It is better than learning the hard way in a yet another crash!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

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