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An old farewell note!

Rational Software Corporation was a company that I longed for, worked a couple of years there and still cherish my days there.

Going through my old records, I picked up my farewell note to Rational. It reads as below:

Farewell to ‘Rational’

Firm stands ‘today’, the moment of truth
Basking in the glory of the yesterday
Lo ! beckons the future, excitements set forth
It is time for me to move on, I say !

Shall stay with me, for ever and ever
Some ‘Rational’ thoughts, so fresh as ever
The joy of sharing, and caring for another
The fun of learning, and working together

It hurts to say ‘bye’, dear ‘Rational’
Oh! my friends, it pains to bid ‘farewell’
We shall meet again in the world, so small
We shall hold together, with a heart no small

Let me be gone now, for a while
To join our hands again, in a little while
For some purpose, quite worthwhile
To help our customers, with a sweet smile

I set forth to achieve certain tasks back in 2002, and on retrospection, I am glad to have

Authored a few successes that I had set my eyes on:
1. Case studies of success in India
2. Case study of success in Germany
3. A good customer base
4. Customer testimonies

And been part of a few others that I dreamt of:
1. Astra Model Creator
2. Astra Test Automat


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