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Are Developers good testers… and can test better than a QA guy…??

Following are my comments on “Are Developers good testers… and can test better than a QA guy…??” in Software Testing & Quality Assurance group in Linkedin

I continue to be a designer, programmer, and tester. My experience is:

Coding as a mix of translation, derivation, and synthesis; essentially a creative and optimistic track. Testing is an act of what I call a “constructive destruction”.

Slips from development are not, typically, intentional. My code is my baby and I would like it be the best… this is also cause, at times, for developer-tester chasm; question on my baby is considered as question on me.

Human mind is at work and it has limitations. Human mind works best on terrain it is familiar with. You train it on coding; it will adapt to that. You train it on testing; it will adapt to that. It is difficult to be both at the same time.

Again, typically programmer works on smaller unit, whether he/she is aware of and involved in larger picture or not. Focus of testing, therefore, from developer is restricted to that unit (or a similar unit from peer). This is and needs to be done

Testing of the whole software is different from testing individual unit. Perspective now has to change to whole system and its desired business value. Typically difficult for a person to be both at the same time.

If trained well, one person can do both, in two different points in time but details, perspective and approach needs to change


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