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What’s your opinion? Which is best? RUP, Scrum, or XP?

Following are my comments on “What’s your opinion? Which is best? RUP, Scrum, or XP?” in Agile Alliance group in Linkedin

First comment:
Why not RUP and …? RUP is a process framework/knowledge base and not a prescriptive process. You rather use RUP to derive a process instance

Subsequent comment:
Great to see the active and healthy discussion and hope to see this progressing further.

In this context, I would like to reiterate and substantiate my statement that RUP is not a process but rather a knowledge base and process framework. Lists of activities, relative order in which they should be performed, which artifacts to create, and dependency between them are more of guidelines/reference, and not meant to be prescriptions. Interesting links to read in this line would be: and . There are many more but I hope these links clarifies

One does not adopt knowledge base and process framework. Rather, you pick and choose from it. I agree, “extract any element of RUP you think you need on a given project and add it to Scrum”, as pointed out by Richard, is the right way to use it. Meaning, in that case you are using RUP as a reference, and not as a textbook or bible. Again, you need not worry about size of encyclopedia if you know what you need from that

Again, I believe, good architecture and design is important for software development and role of architect, for me, is in war front (and therefor, hands on and continuous; again in sync with RUP), and not in the control room. Such architecturally-orientation is not in conflict with agile practices. In my understanding, what agile practices stand for is ‘right sized” architecture or design, rather than discounting their value.

Incidentally, I do not ask my customers to adopt RUP but I present to them as a knowledge base only. I also use it as a knowledge base, at the back of my mind, in my consulting service.

I would like to hear from you on your thoughts and on what you find in as conflicting


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