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Why do you want to adopt both CMMI and Agile ?

Following are my comments on “Why do you want to adopt both CMMI and Agile ?” in Agile CMMI for Software Professionals group in Linkedin

CMMI is about measured capability maturity, primary beneficiary being the organization/project itself, and marketing advantage being a by-product.

I have worked with customers on their way up the CMMI levels. For some of them, I am sure, primary motivation for going on with CMMI was not marketing but rather demonstrated/proven capability maturity.

Agile approach is about effectively doing software development, being open and honest with all stakeholders across the board; focus being brought back from documentation (at times, misinterpreted to mean process) to customers, milestones, deliverables and team.

Fundamentally, being agile is a statement by yourself, about yourself, to yourself. You are not agile because someone wants you to but you believe you are doing the right things by adopting agile practices and you follow them for their benefit

I consider both as two sides of the same coin (software engineering), rather than conflicting interests


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