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Practising what we preach!

We, as software professionals, take pride in enabling business of our customers. We help by automating their business processes and providing information on fingertips, across geographical, cultural and language barriers! We help automate because it helps our customers in their core work, leaving the mundane part to the machine

Let us, for a moment, reflect on our business! How much of our daily work is mundane and how much is creative? Are we not caught up in application silos and information islands? More specifically, is not our information split and redundant across word processors (requirements), modeling tools (design), testing tools, project management tools etc? What happens to crucial project, design, coding and testing decisions made in numerous meetings and information discussions?

Is not time we automate our business like we have automated other businesses? Or, have we automated enough so that we can focus on creative? I am not referring to use of tools here but rather I am referring to automation which might need the use of tools. I am making the distinction because we get caught into limitations/idiosyncrasies of tools, rather than attempting automating the way as much as we want.

Business demand that we deliver better quality faster, and that cannot be achieved by reducing “head count” alone. It can only be done by making heads more focused and productive. Again, it cannot be achieved by buying commercial tools and “implementing” them.

World has thrown up a challenge and opportunity in the form of recession. I believe, as individuals and organizations, it is important to seize the opportunity and surge ahead during this tough times to stay counted tomorrow. I believe, engineering and automation as the way out with values and principles of agile manifesto as guiding light.

What am I suggesting? Have we not seen the same situation with our customers? Have not bridged their silos? I am suggesting that we know the solution and we have the solution. We have extended the solution for others, and now we need to reflect on our work and do it ourselves.

It is time to practice what we preach!


February 5, 2009 - Posted by | Agile, software engineering

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