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Following are my comments on “if in Building construction Architect requried then why not in Software development?” in International Association of Software Architects group in Linkedin

Great to see an healthy progress of discussion.

I agree with much of views expressed above:
1. Business planning role as a Technical role: Yes, Software is intended to serve a business purpose, and therefore, architect has to balance between business and technical perspectives
2. In constructing a typical 1-storey brick house, you wont need an architect, but not true for a complex of mixed-use structures: Yes, trivial constructions doenot require an architect (though it requires someone to know and decide that what is being constructed is trivial). However, when trivial construction go on to serve larger business cause, that would call for an architect (depending on size and nature of work-involved) to decide whether that could be achieved. It is yet another matter, whether these decisions are made by someone designated as xyzArchitect or by someone who plays that role as an overloaded function
3. Foresight matters: Yes, architect should have foresight (and use as much techniques to enhance it as well) as much as humanly possible
4. Frequent changes in requirements: Yes, Architect has to work with frequent changes in requirements, and decide what should be done from the list of what can done
5. Cares about the quality, and who has a broad vision: Yes, architect should care about quality as product is serving a business and social purpose
6. Ability, knowledge and expertise to go through all phases of SDLC: Yes, to be effective, architect should have knowledge and expertise in all phases of SDLC to balance interests which are, at times, in conflict with some others
7. A Software architect is NOT a Deity or any other form of holy entity to be worshiped: Yes, software architect is a role accountable to business. Again, software architect is not infallible, and can only try and balance the conflicting interests powered by his skills, knowledge and experience
8. Old and time-valued profession when it comes to construction: Yes, we are young as industry but it is great that we have explicitly realized the importance of architecture early on. That should give us late entrant advantage of learning from others
9. We have not had enough amount of accumulated software mistakes: I believe, being pervasive (meaning that software is everywhere and influencing every business/life), it is very important that we initiate task of accumulating software mistakes and learning from such mistakes.


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