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Software development and Scientific quest

I am a software engineer. By that I mean that I try to adapt and apply engineering principles and practices to software development.

I have been in software development in various roles, over 24 years now. I have been:
A programmer: I have programmed in FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, Perl, C, C++, and Java
A tester: I have tested (manually and with tool) wide variety of applications including enterprise applications involving SAP, J2EE, .Net, etc as well as embedded applications
A business analyst: I have worked with customers to give them software solution that meet their business needs
A manager: I have worked with customers and my team to deliver solution to my customer

All along my career, I was also looking software development practice from a scientific perspective. I am concerned ….

What I am concerned is, many new initiatives which are proven to be successful still remain in the realm of hypothesis rather than of a proven theory.

For instance, I have been using object oriented approach since early 90s and I am personally convinced and successful on that. Object oriented approach dates back to 70s, with significant academic and research background. I am yet to see a convincing statement uncolored by vested interests that a scientific community would require.


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