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A silent revolution?

Is history repeating itself?

Euphoria around mobile phones reminds me of early days of dot com; remember success of the likes of hotmail?. Every big and small timers putting up fancy web sites and crude (on hindsight) web applications.

Many had prophesied end of Microsoft with emergence of browser, “cross platform” Java”, “low cost” network computer etc. We have seen that major players have withstood the shakeout of dot com crash and current recession. More visible impact has been on the kind of application we develop and use every day (Google Docs, for example), emergence of new players (Google, for example), fall of many old timers (where is Netscape?), convergence of technologies and consolidation (eg. Sun Microsystems acquired by Oracle) of market place.

Many applications that were touted as killer apps were not to be. But still many new applications on web have made world a better place.

Now I look forward to another wave as ubiquitous mobile phones is getting integrated into computing mainstream. Interesting, especially since computers from my early days of computing are far inferior to mobile phones of these days in terms of computing power!

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Never say die!

I have spent some time years back on Objective C.

But as its sibling C++ became popular, Objective C went into oblivion (or rather I thought it went).

Great to see it back, being used in developing iPhone apps

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Have fun and make money!?

No; that was not a mistake!

If I am to believe what I am seeing in the game industry, I would affirmatively say that we can have fun and make money too.

Well, that changes old ways of working and having fun. Old ways of working was that we work, make money and have fun.

Now, have fun, make money and more fun.

Interestingly, most of the software required are free!

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A certification for architects!

As business (and daily life) increasingly depends software, software gets increasingly complex and software development becomes critical to business. it is imperative to control (or at least attempt to) development and evolution of software.

We distinguish a good architecture as different from a bad one, by comparison, by experience. But then, that is too late. In many a projects, during early stages, architecting is considered as waste of time and politically inappropriate involving front-loading of cost, and hence cut short arbitrarily. Retrospective wisdom hardly comes to rescue as the whole damage due to compromised architecture is already done.

This calls for wider understanding of the topic and emergence of standards. Architecting per se, one of the most critical (but least understood) area of expertise, has been defying any kind of controls with many architects acting like demigods.

Much has been discussed about it already in many forums. I do not intend to discuss them here again.

But, I am glad to see a definitive step in the right direction has now come from Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon University).

I hope this would help take this discipline from academicians who talk about architecture to practitioners who create software that works and provide control that is long overdue in software development, from business perspective

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