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Interesting links on game development process

Current game development scenario looks strikingly similar to software development scenario a few decades back. Debating whether it is an art, science or engineering…

Having seen success of bringing predictability into dynamic software product development industry by application of engineering principles and practices, there is an attempt to application into game development as well.

Critical to that is understanding and refining the process.

Process defined in various sources (couple of them listed below) is similar. differing only on the perspective

a) describing major elements of the process as: i) Come up with an idea for a game, ii) Put together a team, iii) Prototypes and Level Design Tools, iv) Complete game, v) Testing

b) describing major elements of the process as: i) Funding, ii) Pitching, iii) Negotiation, iv) Game design, v) Programming, vi) Art, vii) Production, viii) Sound, ix) Testing

Many of process models from software development are being adapted to game development.  Of course, process war is still on, in software development world and dust is yet to settle. More on this in later blogs …


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  1. Game development is an interesting part of software development that involves lot creativity and imagination power of the developer. developer can think out of the box to create a game development software, which can attract users.

    Comment by axis tech | October 30, 2009

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