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Getting started with Microsoft XNA

If you would like to get started with Microsoft XNA Game Studio, I would recommend you to take a look at XNA Tutorial. It gets you to speed quickly. Also, discussion on related topics like Visual Studio, object oriented concepts and C# are also good and simple


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World is coming a full circle again?

Great many ideas eventually degenerate into management fads or buzzwords being used indiscriminately. Latest in the list seems to be agile.

Well, I am an agile practitioner and consultant. I have seen right and wrong practices. I have listed some of them in my earlier blogs.

To me, agile was a corrective approach to process overdrive to ensure quality. Ironically, in process overdrive, customer, people and quality took backseat behind defined process and dead documentation.

Going by this lecture, and many wrong agile adoptions that I have seen and objected to, it seems agile is headed towards a similar destiny, unfortunately.

Issue often is focus is shifted to methodology, buzzwords and practices rather than more fundamental factors like value to customer, motivation and skills of people, commitment of the team (which includes customers, users and management), continuous correction.

Process, standards, being agile, automation etc were introduced as a silver bullet. Let us not forget that they are essentially people enablers. If people are forgotten, if team is forgotten, if customer is forgotten, if user is forgotten, do not blame the process, standard, methodology, or tool. Please understand that it is now time to retrospect and introspect.

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