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Yet another programming language

Whether a dedication to glory of human race, or need of the hour, new languages are emerging. There are a few which are long forgotten like FORTRAN (I started my career with it but have not any project on that in recent times), a few seen in limited circle like ADA (I have seen in used in space research), a few extremely popular like Java and C#, a few which continues to defy death like Basic (lives through many variants), a few which seemed to be dead like Objective C being resurrected.

Now, just in case you have not seen, yet another in the list is Blue, a cross-platform multi-paradigm language. A bit of a recent origin and attempts to combine best of many worlds. That makes it powerful and easy to learn. That alone cannot guarantee popularity, longevity, and resilience

Sounds interesting. Are you tuned in? Deep blue seems to be


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