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Engineering game development?

When I look at game development, as a software engineer, is a striking similarity to what we have gone through in software development.

Most critical milestone was awareness of software crisis and decision to adopt an engineering approach to software development. That essentially meant applying principles and practice of engineering into software development.

Is it a right thing to do? There are pros and cons to the argument. Can we development software with a predefined process? Is software development process prescriptive or adaptive? It is very project specific question. There are software development projects which are very mundane and There are ones which are highly complex, and exploratory. There are simple ones where one could go very light and instinctive; small team, developers with good skills, great motivation, and synergy. In a well managed projects, even the latter ones tend to get predictable and prescriptive over a period of time. It is always a project specific judicious mix.

Where we successful? Yes, to some extent. Sure, there were many stumbling blocks. I value the initial commitment to engineering irrespective of whether one agrees to engineering approach to software development or not. Even such a discussion can take place only in the context of related learning from the practical adoption.

I am tempted to explore possibilities of engineering game development, on similar lines and learning from the mistakes of past.


August 13, 2009 - Posted by | Product Engineering, Rational Unified Process, software engineering, Uncategorized, Unified Process

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