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The 4+1 views of game development

This title is inspired by an IEEE paper 4+1 view model of software architecture.

The referred paper on software architecture suggests five views to organize description of software architecture. This helps to separation of concerns, with each view addressing concerns of a specific stakeholder role like programmer, designer, integrator, and system engineer with usage scenarios being central to all.

Similar approach helps to understand and manage game development. Note that I am referring to game development; not necessarily game architecture. It helps to look at game development from various perspective with gamer perspective being central to all.

The 4+1 views of game development

The 4+1 views of game development

These are not necessarily orthogonal; rather elements of one view are connected to elements of another just as in case of 4+1 view of software architecture. Each view helps define focus on specific stakeholder concerns, and in turn, roles, skill sets.


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