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Measuring agile project manager’s success

Following are my comments on discussion “What’s a good measure of an Agile project manager’s success?” in ‘Agile CMMI’ group in Linkedin

I had been with agile approach all along, enamored by the simplicity. Do we need to complicate?

I like it because it has brought trust and communication back into our business which was lost into documentation in the name process. To me, our job is to deliver value to our customer on time and budget.

What am I going to do measuring my project manager whom I trust? What is the point in finding out that he/she measure up or does not? We are delivering or we are not. If we are not, we need to find that out ASAP and make amends.

Let us measure project (not project manager) and help project manager


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A Magazine on Software Test Automation

Though software test automation has been around for quite some time by now, success with test automation is far and few. Test automation space is replete with marketing hype, technical jargon, and claims of “silver bullet” solutions. Adding to the woes are idiosyncrasies of test automation tools used. Scene is sufficiently confusing to an innocent but curiously enticing to the gullible.

In my experience, failures are partly due to i) expectations based on hype rather than facts from the field, ii) half-hearted but expensive approach to automation as an extension of manual testing and iii) lack of business focus. These are, by no means, unique to software test automation; we have seen this repeated many times over in the past

I think, it is time for the dust to settle with increased demand for quality in software. I have come across a magazine focused exclusively on automated testing.

I am glad to see such an effort; it is need of the hour. I hope this magazine would help in harvesting success patterns, promoting knowledge exchange, scientific spirit and objective analysis in test automation space.

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