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Top challenges for software engineering

Following are my comments on discussion “Top challenges for software engineering” in ‘Agile CMMI’ group in Linkedin

I agree with the importance of alignment. A reasonable (perfect would be rather idealistic) alignment of organizational and individual’s values, culture, and goals is critical..

My observation is that it generally seen in small organizations. As it grows in size, alignment is lost in the crowd. This may not be unique to software development organization but what is more intriguing is that this tendency is acute in software development organization

In general, at the very top, you would find more or less the same team, the same culture and the same values. As you look down the line, you could see compromises on the very culture and values that made them successful . Experience that I mentioned earlier is from a large organization that claims to be at CMMI level 5.

Equally, I have seen organization/project that claim to adopt agile approach missing out on team work and honest communication, going against the very values that agile approach stands for.

At the bottom most, it is just a job to do, skill to learn and move on to the next assignment.

No blasphemy is intended by these counter examples; I have seen good ones as well. I am focusing on counter examples as we are discussing challenges. A distinguishing pattern that I find in bad ones as compared with good is that CMMI, agile etc are used for marketing purpose rather than for value in itself.

My experience and stance is that process, methods, standards, technology and tools have matured to a reasonable stage by now and, for engineering to be successful, we need to adopt engineering practices with scientific spirit, teamwork, honest communication, continuous observation, objective analysis, and continuous refinement.


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