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May be strange but often true, unfortunately

Does the Wrong People Get Laid Off? May be strange, and goes against the business sense but still it happens. Why does that happen if it is against business sense?

My experience is that it generally happens in large companies. Not necessarily in all large companies, of course.

Small company typically works as a close knit group, and tends to behave like family. Dynamic balancing business interest, organizational culture, concerns of employee and core values is done continuously and naturally. When company gets larger, “professional” management takes over in the name of quality, process and professionalism. Then, process takes precedence over people, numbers take precedence over values and compliance take precedence over delivering business value.

For the employee exiting, it is a set back short lived, till he or she is suitably place albeit with some compromises. These compromises are again short lived for a true professional. But for the business, this indicate a rot within which is sure to catch up the business and bring it down. It is important for business to understand, business is made possible by people. Process, professionalism etc are people enablers, not a goal in itself


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