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Yet another disruptive innovation!

Sure, Times they are a-changing!

Did you say ‘wow’ when you saw Project Natal? Well, that is not all!

Microsoft is working on yet another innovation that is bound to change our perception of man machine interaction. Going by this, I believe, human-computer interface is set for a drastic change

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Agile approach and Learning systems

I came across an interesting write up on ‘Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms‘; a welcome initiative to bring agile approach into learning systems

Going my recent exploration in eLearning space, of late, I believe that this space is set to change with convergence of information and communication technologies and rapid changes taking place in related technologies. But I have not come across any product (commercial or otherwise) nor I have seen (or read about) any implementation, leveraging these even to a reasonable extent. Many, as I know, are in the research labs. Well, that is precisely my point.

Technology is only one of the influencing factors. It is, primarily, an enabling factor rather than a driving factor. Key is appreciation of its business potential, realization of business need and implementation of a solution to meet this need. This gives a clear business focus. Without such a focus, I find that, eLearning initiative gets pulled in different directions, especially given that eLearning represents confluence of many specialization. Resulting system becomes a skewed implementation influenced by political rather than business considerations.

Most significant influence of agile approach in software development, as I see it, is bringing focus back, from excessive documentation in the name of process and engineering, into delivering business value with honest communication and teamwork. I believe adoption of agile approach would help eLearning space as well, bringing focus back into business considerations especially given diverse, sometimes conflicting interests, of stakeholders of eLearning space

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A Few Lessons Learned About eLearning

It is good to take pause a while, look back on what we are doing and take a look at where we are headed. It is good to take some hard questions! I glad to note a few good pointers in this line in a few lessons Learned About eLearning.

As a developer and user of e-Learning and as a trainer and mentor myself, I do not expect e-Learning to replace learning just as electronic or web publishing does not replacing conventional publishing but I would expect it to become a serious alternative. It is not yet and I believe it needs to go a long way before it can. Better and more standards is something that can surely expedite.

I believe e-Learning needs to bring together best of many worlds to be effective and successful. These include world of education, technology, subject matter (not every each subject can be taught the same way), cognitive science and many more. This needs to be aligned with market and business! e-Learning should be powered by technology, enabled by educators, driven by business and delivered to the learner!

Yes, e-Learning is an important application of technology and needs to take itself seriously. I would expect it to be increasingly guided by standards, driven by business, committed to deliver value to the learner. There are things that must, things that we can, things that we can not, and things that we must not.

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User Experience and Emotion

Lecture on The Future of User Experience and the Emotion Commotion

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Multi-touch mouse in the market

Apple has brought multi-touch mouse out of research lab!

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Demystifying jargons

Cloud computing and Software as a Service are among the most-talked-about jargons that has caught up with the computing world recently. What are they and how are they related. ‘ Understanding Public Clouds: IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS‘ in Keith Pijanowski’s Blog is a great write up attempting to demystify these jargons

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Now Mouse 2.0?

Research for a new kind of mouse is on; this time with multi-touch capabilities!

The more it changes, the more it remains the same!

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Multi-touch programming getting simpler

Multi-touch programming is set to get simpler with Visual Studio 2010 release. It is time to get hooked if you are not already

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Social face of technology and business

I am glad to see technology being harnessed for a social cause resulting in great business opportunity. I am reminded of Grady Booch indicating that “innovation occurs at the intersection of invention and insight; invention being truly intentional and insight often being serendipitous“.

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A great lecture ‘Why Engineering’

A great inspiring lecture on science, engineering and technology from a true master. Incredibly simple and insightful

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