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What is good for others should be good for us too, right?

I came across a news about ‘Pan-African e-network for education and health care‘. Interesting, indeed.

I happened to visit Nigeria a couple of years back; and, I believe, that is a country which is relatively better off among countries of that continent. I have a few friends in some other countries there as well.

Land of many great people but many there are not privileged to live with the kind of comforts, including quality health care and education, that we almost take for granted. From that perspective, I am sure, it is good initiative for the continent largely ignored.

I think it is high time for action, back in India as well. Two areas that we can hardly afford to miss is education and health care considering spread and diversity of the country. Well, almost all educational and health care institutions worth its name is on network one way or other. How far have we tapped e-Network? Real value is not in the physical connectivity but rather on content, services and collaboration within the network and world at large.

India’s recent rise into global scene owes credit to initial policies and initiatives of visionary leadership of independent India. These have laid a strong foundation for bold economic initiatives of 1990s could build on. It is important that this advantage is not frittered away amidst the euphoria. If we fail to capitalize on this, growth that we see now will be short-lived. Interestingly, India has a unique advantage at this moment with proven expertise in information and communication technologies.


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