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A Few Lessons Learned About eLearning

It is good to take pause a while, look back on what we are doing and take a look at where we are headed. It is good to take some hard questions! I glad to note a few good pointers in this line in a few lessons Learned About eLearning.

As a developer and user of e-Learning and as a trainer and mentor myself, I do not expect e-Learning to replace learning just as electronic or web publishing does not replacing conventional publishing but I would expect it to become a serious alternative. It is not yet and I believe it needs to go a long way before it can. Better and more standards is something that can surely expedite.

I believe e-Learning needs to bring together best of many worlds to be effective and successful. These include world of education, technology, subject matter (not every each subject can be taught the same way), cognitive science and many more. This needs to be aligned with market and business! e-Learning should be powered by technology, enabled by educators, driven by business and delivered to the learner!

Yes, e-Learning is an important application of technology and needs to take itself seriously. I would expect it to be increasingly guided by standards, driven by business, committed to deliver value to the learner. There are things that must, things that we can, things that we can not, and things that we must not.


October 25, 2009 - Posted by | Business, e-Learning, eLearning

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