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Is Google Wave a flop? I do not think so!

I have received an invite for Google Wave. Just started playing around with it. I am very much impressed with Google Wave.

What interests me is that the paradigm shift in communication; pretty much close to typical discussion. Discussions, in general, are not linear. It aligns very closely with human thought process and group activities like discussion. A good discussion, though would be centered on a topic, would also cover variety of related topics as well

Will it replace current forms like emails and IMs? It may not. Just as emails have not removed regular mail service.

Applications? Plenty. I would use it to record my own thought process and learning. I would also use it in any group activity, including software development.

Will it be a success? Well, there is more to success in the market than just realization of need and a good product. Critical mass, financial muscle, marketing push, competition and many other factors too play a major role

I am waiting for getting all my contacts into Google Wave. At this point, I am constrained by the number of invites that I can send

November 17, 2009 - Posted by | Google Wave, Natural User Interface, Software architecture, software engineering, User Experience

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