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A call for social systems for virtual world

I am neither an expert nor a student of sociology. But I believe what is happening on web 2.0 has a lot to do with sociology and many related subjects.

Social networking enabled by web 2.0 is only a few years old but it is catching up for sure going by popularity for services like orkut, facebook, linkedin, twitter, second life etc. It is almost evolving into a virtual society parallel to the real world that we have been living in.

Many of us are hooked into that already, and many of us are getting into it. Each of us have got into it with different expectations. Social interaction are a combination of give and take, staying within the rules and norms of the society.

Rules of the real world are formed over centuries from experience and thoughts of visionaries and thought leaders from the past. It is time for norms of real world to be adapted to suit virtual world. Having said that, we need to admit that it comes with unique challenges.

Norms of society are evolved over centuries based on local culture and values, forming a foundation like tectonic plates. As virtual world is set to integrate heterogeneous social groups across the globe, it holds potential for significant friction along underlying fault lines.

I find discussion in the blog Technology as philosophy around this topic as timely, interesting and important. I have initiated a related discussion in Google Wave


December 20, 2009 - Posted by | Collaboration, Web 2.0

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