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Life cycle of a test case

An interesting question on “”States” of a Test Case” in Software Testing & Quality Assurance group in Linkedin. This got me reflecting back on my test management practices.

Following are my comments:

I presume that question is not limited to test case execution. In such case, my suggestion would be to consider what I call ‘life cycle of a test case’.

Some of the states in the life cycle of a test case would be:
1. Identified: Test case is first identified in consideration of various factors. At this stage, test case may have only the name and description.
2. Designed: Test case is further designed with details and elaborated with test procedure/manual test script
3. Design-reviewed: This is a state where test case designed is reviewed and accepted.
4. Executed: Test case is executed.
5. Result-reviewed: Result reported by a human tester or a tool may require moderation
6. Closed: Test cases no longer valid

As we progress, some test cases may get further refined into many related test cases and some may go obsolete overtime. Maintaining state and related information helps in effective test management


December 22, 2009 - Posted by | software engineering, Software Quality, Software Testing, Testing

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