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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Again, another year is coming to a end. It is time for a new beginning.

Personally for me, 2008 represented a successful completion of a journey commenced in 2002, and 2009 was a new beginning. Foundation is being built yet for my new dream, and realization of that is a long journey; a journey that may probably take about 10 years. Therefore, 2010 represents a continuity for me personally rather than totally a new beginning

Yet it make sense to look back into the times gone by and then look ahead. Year 2009 started on a gloomy note with the world in the grip of recession. As we see the world gradually wriggling out of recession, the coming year 2010 promises to be better.

2009 was a mixed bag, in general. As I look back into 2009, what comes to the top of my mind, on a positive note, is Oscar awards coming to India for the first time. What I recall on a melancholic note is the unexpected loss of an icon of our times ‘Michael Jackson’

Professionally, software development is poised for further challenges with computing set to scale new horizons in collaboration and natural user interface. Software engineering has undergone severe churning under apparently conflicting pulls from visionaries, theoriticians, methodologists, practitioner and tool vendors. It seems now that world of software engineering is ready to be settling into a dynamic equilibrium centered around delivering value to success critical stakeholders in a healthy business environment

Future beckons and that seems to exciting!

Happy new year!


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