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Google Wave: Dead or Alive?

Hype helps sometimes but, at times, it kills as well.

I was surprised by the haste in which obituary for innovative service like Google Wave were writen. Was it SEO back hat at work, or result of tunnel vision? Fortunately, it seems that Google Wave has outlived going by quality and quantity of waves

Some of the waves that I find interesting are:
1. Game design and development
2. Cloud computing
3. Emergency management CSA Z1600
4. Emergency management NPFA 1600
5. Singularity
6. Wave on marketing innovation
7. Wave for members of Google Wave Interest group in Linked in
8. Edge Theory
9. Design bookmarks
10. Wave for project management and mind mapping
11. Use of Google Wave in classroom
12. Cosmology and Philosophy
13. Are people basically good, evil or neutral
………………………… many more that I am yet to get into
14. A philosopher’s mind
15. Why is it that when we learn Philosophy we start with ancient texts?

I believe, future of Google Wave having gathered so much momentum during within less than a year after first beta release should be good. Looking ahead, I am foresee possibilities of not just using Google Wave in isolation but rather integrating with other collaborative software and services as web evolve into a social platform

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