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Politics of Technology

Internet has simplified computing manifold, in 1990s, and thereby taking technology to every walk of life. First decade of the new millennium has seen it evolving increasingly into a platform for social collaboration. By and large, collective human endeavor has been behind this success with open and free interaction.

Popularity and adoption has also led to burgeoning trends in attack of malicious intent on this wonderland, and sometimes with political undertones. This runs counter to spirit of largely trust based interaction of professionals and volunteers. But, then, it is a natural consequence of social adoption of technology and cannot be wished away.

As is made out sometimes, problem is neither with technology nor with social adoption but the recklessness of its adoption. Technology is often adoption without adequate cost-benefit analysis; obviously, cost-benefit mentioned here is not just from economic perspectives

I think it is time for sociologist take a serious look at unprecedented social changes triggered by evolving technology, to contain its negative impacts, before it turns out to be a frankenstein

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