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Google TV, expanding horizons of computing

We have seen unprecedented changes in the world of technology, leading to convergence of many technology silos.

Mobile phones are everywhere, cutting across rural/urban, rich/poor, literate/illiterate divides; and, interestingly, part of this market is being controlled by computer companies (eg. Apple/iPhone) and traditional players (eg. Nokia) are feeling the heat. The same goes for music/audio, with traditional players (eg. Sony) getting stiff competition from unexpected quarters (eg. Apple/iPod and Internet)

The next in the line seems to be TV, with Google reaching out to the living room with Google TV

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Bridging the language barrier!

I have been using the browser Chrome for past few months, switching from Firefox which had been my favorite browser. Of late, I have noticed it prompts for translation when it comes across a different language and it does translation good enough for my purpose.

I believe it is pretty decent addition to the feature list, nevertheless very powerful.

Is that perfect enough? Does it meet up to standards required for professional work environment? I do not know and I do not care for now. In any case, I would expect quality of translation to improve

I had seen translation working wonders with Google Wave. Now I am impressed with this being extended to Chrome. I like it because it opens a whole world of knowledge. An interesting innovation ….

I am also terrified of the level of consolidation of knowledge and potential security/privacy concerns. Information that was constrained in the past, into a group with language, structural (eg. knowledge codified in ancient books in sanskrit), and regional limitations are getting into open. Are we, as a race, yet ready for the possibilities and challenges that it is throwing up?

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An interesting presentation on Jazz

An interesting presentation on Jazz and related products from IBM

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Essentials of software product development

1. Product vision (shared across all stakeholders of the project)
2. Product development plan (including risk identification, anticipation and mitigation)
3. Business case (justification: financial, market and technical)
4. Product architecture
5. Quality assurance and control
6. Maintain conceptual and structural integrity, and traceability, across all work products
7. Flexible but repeatable process
8. Pre-sales support plan (must include getting people in, getting them up to speed and retention of key resources)
9. Post-implementation support plan (must include getting people in, getting them up to speed, retention of key resources and knowledge persistence)
10. Product champion and a core team of code warriors of at least 3-4 years of experience
11. Infrastructure (including hardware, software and network)
12. Maintenance and change management plan

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