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Death of a dream, at its infancy!

A new dream was born, in second half of 2009; a dream of new horizons in collaboration! It was born as Google Wave, amidst a lot of fanfare. Much was written about its virtues but unfortunately, Google Wave as a product is now slated for a mercy killing. Is this not too early?

What went wrong? It has more to do with business reasoning than social or technical.

As I had observed earlier, there is more to success in the market than just realization of need and a good product. Critical mass, financial muscle, marketing push, competition and many other factors too play a major role. In the final analysis, I tend to agree with ReadWriteWeb. It was accessible to too few people and fewer could see the context and need; a product being denied of its oxygen

Use of Google Wave integrated with other software and services still remain a possibility. I am glad to see the promise of code and protocol being available in open source, especially given that much of goodies in the presented software world are nurtured by open source community

So I hope as Google Wave as a product is buried its grave, its spirit resurrects itself to become part of every collaborative software

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