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An interesting presentation on technology-enabled self-organizing learning system

Quite an insightful presentation on technology-enabled self-organizing learning system.

Presenter is explaining learning technology experiments conducted across climatic, geographic, ethnic, social conditions. I think, there are points to ponder that can impact future learning significantly

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Trust deficit: A pattern for disaster!

I came across an interesting blog on cold call episode over Internet, across the continents, from a customer perspective.

Blog is from a well known expert in software testing, whom I too hold in high respect. I have been following his write-ups, whenever possible, since 2001 and I consider him to be my Guru. Of course, I have never interacted, leave alone meeting in person.

Point of discussion in the blog is about a cold call by a sales person by name ‘Shiva’ to start a relation which the author with the objective of getting business from him.

I observe a behavior pattern as alarming. That is, call starts with an aggressive gate crash, progress into a reckless stonewalling of questions and ends with audacious break of call. Well, I am not surprised. I have seen many such and I keep them at a safe distance

I pity the company who has employed such a sales person, and their gullible customers (if they have any).

I believe, in many ways, sales person represents face of the company to the prospects. A bad sales persons indicates a bad organization and impedes business growth, instead of effecting.

I am reminded of an experience from customer engagements.

My typical customer engagement starts with introduction of best practices, adapting best practices to the organizational context, mentoring the team into following the best practices and, finally, easing myself out of the environment gradually so that work goes on well without my involvement.

In one such engagement, project manager came back with a question. That is, “Vinod, what you are proposing is all right, and I understand the value. But I am in this project for a while, and I would leave this project to another project within the same company or another. The actual beneficiary would be the person who follows me. Why should I make life simpler for him?”

I consider both the experiences (cold call episode and discussion with project manager) at the same plane, as underlying cause seems to be the same. That is, willingness to stretch beyond one’s own comfort and familiarity. I wonder anything worthwhile can be achieved with such an attitude.

This, in turn, bring ill-repute to the company but then it has asked for, because the true underlying cause is the work environment and culture of the organization that the employees represent

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