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Making the right career choice!

An interesting discussion “In India, for the Vocational Skill Development initiatives to succeed in a big way, the perception of the general populace on education needs to be changed.” What are your opinion on this? set me thinking, once again, about career building. It got me thinking because it is very close to my heart, it is very dear to me, helping people become successful in their career

What makes a good career? I think answer to this question is highly subjective. It depends on the individual, his/her skillsets, background (educational, financial, social,…), attitude, ..

In my experience spanning more than two decades of experience by now, I find a great career is about

  • Making the right decision at first
  • Setting a clear goal
  • Periodically reviewing and revising it to stay in tune with market and group dynamics
  • Diligently working towards the goal and
  • (last but not the least) working as a team helping others achieve their goals as well (to me, life is more about collaboration than competition)

Out of this, a whole lot depends on the initial decision. How best can one make the right decision? Quite often, youth of a developing economy like India is bogged down by the need to earn money to be self-sustainable.

A case in point is a classmate of my school days. Though both of us were from more or less similar social and financial background, he opted for a ‘vocational’ learning through ITI while I pursued my studies in the regular stream of studies. His education through ITI got him a job much earlier than me but he ended up in a career which was largely routine…. a great resource lost into the crowd….. and he represent many unknown faces in India.

Could that have been different? We did not, then, have variety of career choices that are open now. In what was available, there was hardly any guidance available for a school boy in a remote village in deep south part of India.

Can it be different now? I think it can. There are plenty of choices, and many means of spreading awareness. But it seems, it is now a question of deluge of information than its dearth. Consequently, my recommendation to India’s youth now is to analyze every opportunity in the prism of what it means to you.

Quadrant III is definitely no choice, except possibly as a starting point or quick-fix solution, rather than starving. Quadrant IV might challenge, and hence be appealing for while. It is good to retain it as a hobby but dangerous as a career choice.  Many are caught in Quadrant I. This helps to lead a comfortable life but leaves you drained out internally. 

Key to successful is to identify variant of a career choice of your interest and specialization that falls in Quandrant II.


August 20, 2011 - Posted by | Software Engineering Career

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