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The Profession of the IT Architect – The Next Ten Years

A very interesting lecture by Grady Booch

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Grady Booch interviews Steve Wozniak

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Victims of ‘push’ technology

I was surprised by rise in my facebook friends watching videos and articles which I found as obscene and offensive. I was surprised as we ‘choose’ our friends, and how could my friends stoop to such lows… Just as the case with any society, I believe wired world is no different from regular world as far as importance of health social interactions are concerned. This includes understanding just expectation on one another, honoring the expectations, mutual respect, social etiquettes, and so on. These are mandatory for healthy social interaction in social circle in wired world also. I believe my friends too understand this

I have come to conclude that many of my surprises are due to them being gullible victims of yet evolving social format. Many new feeds from ‘Trending videos’, ‘Trending news, etc appearing in my page confirms my view. Messages are provocative and one may innocently or accidentally click on these… and that must be it.

I wish feeds not forced on users but left to their choice. But that is not the case as of now. Feeds are thrust on gullible. If you are one such victim, and if you would like to block such videos, articles and news, all you need to do is to modify your Privacy Settings as mentioned here ….

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A great lecture on software testing by James Bach

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