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Lesson learned in cloud computing

Cloud computing is here to stay…
Cloud computing helps you reduce cost….
Cloud computing helps small business run without adding avoidable expenses on infrastructure…
Cloud computing helps business focus on their core competency rather than worry about infrastructure …

……… and so on goes hype about cloud computing.

I was working with hosting services on cloud, with a cloud platform offered by one of the major players in Indian IT industry, and key attraction was that it relieves us of worry about setting up and managing platform

I have seen a couple of inexplicable outages, without any advance intimation whatsoever, in last three months. This happened during business hours, and not resolved for a couple days even. Call to ‘customer support’ resulted in more experimental suggestions which ended up wasting my time further; I learned hard way that even service provider is in learning phase and service seems to be of early beta quality. Luckily, all this happened during an experimental phase though definitely at significant business cost. Now, in retrospection, I am glad that issues were exposed much before going live.

I am very skeptical on delivery of high promise. Strength of cloud is as good as the weakest link and I have a dangerously weak link when I am working with a faceless entity.

I am not arguing against possibility of cloud computing. My contention is that cloud computing platform must necessarily prove its trustworthiness as platform before business can depend on it!

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