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Pioneer, par excellence

I believe it would be a gross mistake to talk about computer science and software development without talking about  the pioneer par excellence Alan Turing. Yet it is harsh and ironical that the person who is considered as father of computer science and artificial intelligence had to traumatic times for reasons that had nothing to do with his contributions to society in the world of computer science and artificial intelligence

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An old but interesting Feynman lecture on computer

I came across an old but interesting  Richard Feynman lecture on computers

World of computing has changed  drastically since then yet much of what he mentions remain true even now. There was hardly any means or possibility of predicting, back then, what future world of technology would be like.

Yet, his insights even decades back were pretty sound, his observations and speculations were very close and his explanations and illustrations are so simple to understand, though he was more of a physicist rather than computer specialist. Therefore, I believe this remains a useful lecture for students of computer science and software engineering even today

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Discipline in Thought

This is an interview with the software engineering guru Edsger Wybe Dijkstra; I consider this as one of the greatest videos that I could locate in You Tube.

Of course, I must admit that he is  much more than a software engineering guru given that  his contributions to mathematics and other related topics are equally profound. Still I refer to him here as software engineering guru as software engineering is my subject, specialization and profession. More than that  I find  much of he discussed decades back about software engineering remain very relevant even now (perhaps more relevant now than ever before). That too when everything else about the industry keep changing!

Well, there are things that don’t change even in an industry which is highly dynamic and evolving. That is, fundamentals don’t change, and it pays to know them well… and that is the reason for me to share it here

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Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer

Interesting to know the world’s first computer programmer was a lady when we look back  in the context of  emerging ‘brogrammer’ culture

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Secret History of Silicon Valley

Computer History Museum video on  ‘secret history of silicon valley‘ tracing evolution of computer and software industry


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Perspectives on Tech Leadership

Computer History Museum video of a lecture on Perspectives on Tech Leadership by Google’s Eric Schmidt


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