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What’s your opinion? Which is best? RUP, Scrum, or XP?

Following are my comments on “What’s your opinion? Which is best? RUP, Scrum, or XP?” in Agile Alliance group in Linkedin

First comment:
Why not RUP and …? RUP is a process framework/knowledge base and not a prescriptive process. You rather use RUP to derive a process instance

Subsequent comment:
Great to see the active and healthy discussion and hope to see this progressing further.

In this context, I would like to reiterate and substantiate my statement that RUP is not a process but rather a knowledge base and process framework. Lists of activities, relative order in which they should be performed, which artifacts to create, and dependency between them are more of guidelines/reference, and not meant to be prescriptions. Interesting links to read in this line would be: and . There are many more but I hope these links clarifies

One does not adopt knowledge base and process framework. Rather, you pick and choose from it. I agree, “extract any element of RUP you think you need on a given project and add it to Scrum”, as pointed out by Richard, is the right way to use it. Meaning, in that case you are using RUP as a reference, and not as a textbook or bible. Again, you need not worry about size of encyclopedia if you know what you need from that

Again, I believe, good architecture and design is important for software development and role of architect, for me, is in war front (and therefor, hands on and continuous; again in sync with RUP), and not in the control room. Such architecturally-orientation is not in conflict with agile practices. In my understanding, what agile practices stand for is ‘right sized” architecture or design, rather than discounting their value.

Incidentally, I do not ask my customers to adopt RUP but I present to them as a knowledge base only. I also use it as a knowledge base, at the back of my mind, in my consulting service.

I would like to hear from you on your thoughts and on what you find in as conflicting


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Business, and Software Architecture

Following are my comments on “This is our chance – how we pitch architecture value to the masses” in International Association of Software Architects group in Linkedin

Business requires and would demand value now and value later, and shrinking time line is a force (like many other) that architect needs to negotiate and balance. Architecture, as a subject of study and profession, is of no practical relevance unless it is translated into tangible value in the context of current and future business realities.

I believe, architecture continues to be relevant. Architects need to identify the value in concrete terms and communicate to other stakeholders, to be relevant

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Software development paradox

We have helped our customers/users automate their business processes. We have integrated islands of information in their business. We save them from deluge of data cutting across organizational structures and geographical barriers. We have indeed transformed the society

Is it not time to reflect on our own business? How much have we done? I am not referring to documenting requirements, design etc in electronic format using word processors, requirements and design tools, etc. What we do for our customers/users definitely go beyond this. How much have we automated our business processes? If we have, have we done enough? What are the barriers in progressing further?

I believe, now is a right time to introspect as we take a pause and look forward to a new beginning

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Software engineering paradox

I think, most frequently used definition of Software engineering involve ‘…application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance….’; quite rightly so

Paradox that I see:
I have not come across any universally accepted (meaning, not colored by vendor claims or any party with vested interest) quantified benefit derived out of adoption of a specific solution. For instance, what is the magnitude of benefit that object oriented approach has brought in; or for that matter, architecture centric approach, design patterns, iterative development, agile methodologies

I am aware of successes in adoption and I have seen failures as well. My intention is not to question but I have not come across any specific, undisputed/uncolored proof that a scientific/engineering discipline demands

I believe, now is a right time to introspect as we take a pause and look forward to a new beginning

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Software Factory, MDA, Astra Model Creator, and Astra Test Automat

Often Software Factory and Model Driven Architecture as two orthogonal approaches.

For me, both are two different perspectives of software product engineering. Abstract and concrete modeling and transformation, and production at a software factory as dictated by production process dictated by architecture go hand-in-hand to make a successful product line

We, at Astra Infotech, enable the merge with our Ready for IBM Rational Software Astra Model Creator and Astra Test Automat

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Yet another proud moment!

A great day indeed!

Astra Infotech‘s Astra Test Automat is awarded the prestigious ‘Ready for Rational Software’ certification from IBM, with best practices compliance.

This is now Astra Infotech‘s second solution after Astra Model Creator to receive this certification

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Astra Model Creator is now ‘Ready for Rational Software’

Development of quality software requires a rigorous software architecting and design effort, and development strictly controlled by defined architecture and design. Astra Infotech‘s solution Astra Model Creator supporting model driven development is now ‘Ready for Rational Software’


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