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Cheese is moving again!

Landscape of world around is changing drastically with innovations like Sixth Sense, Project Natal , and multi-touch man-machine interfaces. Software is opening up new frontiers in collaboration. What is more, Cloud computing is changing the deployment and usage model of software taking it more towards a service paradigm.

I believe, these augurs well for the world at large as it brings technology closer to people. For me? I have different hats. Good for most hats but not so good for others

It is fascinating for the curious onlooker in me. It is good for my business as it provides new possibilities in improving my customers’ business. It is good for software developer in as I get to work with something new, different and probably even unique. It is a new challenge for the architect in me, as I grapple with the unknown.

It alarms the tester in me. I know, I will be in the middle of it in no time at all; even before the world comes to terms with it. The world understand the need for architect, developer and user to learn and adapt but the tester is expected to get into the situation and has to come to terms with it on their own. For instance, what are the techniques that hold good? Where are my tools?

Well, we like it or not, the cheese is moving. I am diving in…. better to be proactive than reactive, right?

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Sixth Sense


Had it not been for my friend Dilip pointing out to me in a casual telephone call yesterday, I would have missed this Sixth Sense, a great innovation from MIT

Every device getting to be a computer in itself, devices are getting miniaturized, user interface to devices are simplified (should we still use the word user interface? interface represents a means of interacting with the disconnected), web getting to be the essential computing platform seamlessly connecting everything around… Change is in the air in the computing world…..

Hat’s off to Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry!

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Now Mouse 2.0?

Research for a new kind of mouse is on; this time with multi-touch capabilities!

The more it changes, the more it remains the same!

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Multi-touch programming getting simpler

Multi-touch programming is set to get simpler with Visual Studio 2010 release. It is time to get hooked if you are not already

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