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Times they are a-changing!

I am thrilled to see a game changing technology “Project Natal” from Microsoft. Does it sound like an exaggeration? Watch it action to believe

It is a disruptive technology that is set to change world of gaming and the world of computing. Life will not the same any more! Are my friends in business analysis listening? Demands of your customers would be asking for more! Are my friends in architecture/design listening? Possibilities in usability/user experience  is set for a paradigm shift! Are my friends in software testing listening? How are we to test this? You have new challenge in hand, if your hands were not full already!


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Changing world of computing

World of computers started off as a scientific curiosity and soon evolved to become essential component of infrastructure for any serious business, big or small. Mobile phones and similar devices has taken computing to common man breaking all barriers.

I believe, simplicity of interface and power of networking were key to burgoening popularity so far. I am looking forward to further changes that promise to revolutionize user experience.

1. Multi-touch PC

2. Google Wave

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