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  1. Semantic web
  2. REST 
  3. Cloud Computing – the Next Frontier for OS
  4. Cloud Computing and Security: Can’t We all Just Get Along? 
  5. O’Reilly Webcast – Cloud Security & Privacy
  6. Government by Design: A strategic planning approach for government
  7. Requirements engineering
  8. Lessons learned from architecture reviews
  9. Architecture analysis
  10. Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  11. DSLs in practice
  12. Domain-Specific Languages with Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons
  13. Enterprise Architecture and Technical Architecture
  14. Architecture: The Resting Place of Innovation
  15. Measuring Architectural Complexity
  16. Morality and the Software Architect
  17. Artifacts and Process
  18. The Economics of Architecture-First
  19. Speaking Truth to Power
  20. The Accidental Architecture
  21. Evaluating Service-Oriented Architectures
  22. Top 20 architecture mistakes 
  23. Documenting Software Architectures Podcast 
  24. Software archaeology
  25. Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup
  26. Code visualization 
  27. Web app security
  28. Usability
  29. Performance engineering
  30. Cathedral and Baazar
  31. Interview with James Bach
  32. Boosting Software Quality and Development Agility
  33. Accelerate the Quality, Delivery and Adoption of Mainframe Applications with RDz 8.5

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